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Class Descriptions

Focusing on body alignment, breath, strength and mindfulness.

All Levels

This class will focus on developing strength from head to toe by integrating breath with movement. Beginning with sun salutations, flowing asana sequences are designed to build heat and strengthen the body. This class focuses on linking poses with the breath in the vinyasa flow tradition, while focusing greatly on alignment.

Gentle Yoga

A compassionate yoga class designed to help tune into your own body and stretch and move in the way that feels right for your body in the moment. Designed for both beginning and experienced yogis, students are instructed in postures with differing levels of modifications. Classes include breathwork (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas), relaxation and meditation.

Yoga Kids (Ages 5-12)

 Not offered at this time

An interactive class designed to introduce children to yoga in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Through the use of yoga games and exercises, children will learn about yogic concepts and philosophies such as belly breathing, mindfulness, cooperation, and relaxation. Feel free to bring a small stuffed friend to join you on the mat!

Preteen/Teen Yoga (Ages 10 and up)      Not offered at this time

Designed specifically for older youth to help maximize the benefits they receive from practicing yoga in an encouraging, non-competitive environment. Yoga can help young people balance busy, demanding lives by teaching them tools they can use to counteract stress, while they have fun building their self esteem and channeling their energy. These workshops focus on centering, developing balance, increasing strength and flexibility, and improving coordination.

Private Sessions

Enjoy Yoga in your own Ohm!

A yoga class designed specifically with your needs in mind. Reduce stress, build strength, increase flexibility, and learn ways to manage the stress and challenges in your body, your mind and your life. Enjoy this time alone, or with a friend or significant other. A great gift idea for someone you care about! Private sessions are by appointment only.