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Microwave Heating Bags!     $35

This is what is used in my standard massages.  

Heat therapy increases circulation to aching muscles, and provides pain relief. 

Electric heating pads provide a dry heat and only heats the surface of the skin. Moist heat packs such as rice bags are less dehydrating to the skin, and the heat penetrates more deeply into the body's tissues. Thus they allow heat to absorb better into the skin and relieve pain faster.

These also serve a dual purpose, as you can also keep them in the freezer to use as a cooling pad or freezer pack when needed.

Makes a perfect gift! Send your college-bound student away with a hug from home!

Just a few fabric options shown below – many more in stock! Penn State, Flyers and Eagles hot packs also offered!

Fill: rice/lavender, or rice/lavender/chamomile options available upon request

Large stock on hand! Available patterns are always changing.

Eye Pillows: $12

Helps with migraines, helps with puffiness associated with allergies. Calming. Use at the end of your yoga practice!

Also for hot/cold application. 

Fill: rice/lavender, or rice/lavender/chamomile options available upon request

Contact Barbara at (215)534-2572, or email [email protected] to purchase.