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Client Comments

• I have been with Barbara for over 3 years now, and I am amazed at the things I am able to do that I never thought I would be able. Barbara is a kind and gentle teacher that helps us achieve these things and feel good about ourselves and gives us the ability to carry them through our everyday life. She has taught me that yoga is not just a practice, but a way of life. Excellent teacher, excellent class! ~Janine S.

• Barb Darnell is the best yoga instructor ever. By that I mean she is such a great balance of what is needed in yoga. I've been to yoga classes in fancy studios and been intimidated. However in Barb's class I feel welcome. We get wonderful instruction so you always know what you are doing, and a balance of making sure we know we can rest if we need it but we can push harder because we will go farther each class. I leave every class so happy that I took the time out of my crazy schedule for yoga, for me. ~Kim L.

• I started taking yoga classes recently as a way to tone my body and help me to focus more mentally. I am new to yoga and have taken six classes with Barb so far. The small classes are 1 1/4 hr long. Barb takes you through a different routine each week and you get a really good session each time. Some others in my class are much more advanced than I am but even as a beginner I am comfortable in the class doing what I am able to. At the end of the class and I am somewhat tired from the workout but also refreshed and peaceful. I look forward to each class. ~Marilyn F.  

• A wonderful yoga class and instructor. The class size is small and comfortable and Barbara gets to know each student. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the practice! ~Kristiana W

• This was my first experience with yoga. I was a little nervous walking in my first time but Barbara made me feel welcome right from the start. The class size is great. I always feel like I am getting personal instruction and help when I need it. I have only been going to yoga for a couple of months, but I already feel like I am at home with family when I roll out my mat. ~Lea B.

• Barbara is an amazing Yoga teacher. Her classes are fun and friendly. She is great for the novice or the expert. Barbara teaches at a great pace and there is never any pressure to do more than you are comfortable with. I always leave her classes feeling great! I highly recommend Your Yoga! ~Steph M.

• I took my first Yoga class with Barb a couple years ago. My back has always been an issue for me but taking her class weekly I have no back pain! All skill levels coexist very well in her classes. If you are advanced, the class doesn't hold you back. If you are a beginner, you aren't forced to do something your body isn't ready for. She is a wonderful teacher. I would recommend her class to anyone looking for a great yoga practice. ~Lisa B.

• Taking yoga with Barb is a wonderful experience each time. She incorporates new poses and ways to expand your practice each session. She truly helps you enrich your practice and moves you forward without you realizing it on a conscious level. Namaste! ~Lauren K.

If you want a healing massage that leaves you feeling cared about and loved, I would highly recommend Barb Darnell. She is intuitive and respectful of each person’s needs. A lovely experience that I always look forward to. Barb R.

As a person who suffers from MS, I unfortunately have to deal with chronic back and neck pain and tightness. These rice bags have been so helpful in alleviating and soothing my pain. I heat up the large back sized bag and lay on it for relief. It has helped me tremendously and is especially wonderful on cold nights! The quality of the rice bags is superb and the way they are sewn with individual squares ensures that the rice and Heat are evenly distributed. The small eye bags are wonderful used cold as well. They have helped with my sinus and tension headaches. Wonderful products handmade with love by a wonderful lady. Rachel S.

Thank you for helping me maintain my physical health with your healing massages!! My body gets so relaxed and comfortable during and after the massage. I'm grateful to have found you.

I also love the therapeutic rice bag especially when I heat it up and put it on my back. The moist heat is so soothing, my back muscles relax so I can sleep. Annette K.

I love them Mrs Darnell! Sam R.

I gave out so many and each were received with gratefulness. Especially because I picked out each one thinking about the person I was giving it to...knowing it would be special just for them. So many beautiful and fun fabrics to choose from...would have bought one of each if I could. Barb R.

(My daughter) has already used hers. Mine has been in use for awhile. Love love them! Can you make a full body one ?!?! Denise K.

I love mine!! Thank you so much! Stephanie G.

It was great to have it for my move. After unpacking every few boxes, I'd warm it up and relax with it and my back is surviving so far...and that Scottie pattern "sparks joy." Rhonda S.

Love my rice bag! It was definitely a nice surprise for my birthday. Rob H.

Rice bags by Barbara Darnell ...awesome just like her massages! Diane F.

I love the smell of the lavender when the rice bag is heated! Linda G.

I've been going to Barbara Darnell for several years now. She provides an excellent massage at a very reasonable price. Since our first session, I've haven't considered anyone else. I'm a 52 year old male who occasionally suffers from neck and lower back pain. Her therapeutic touch is always, instantly, appreciated! Barbara provides a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment for anyone enjoying her services. EJR

Barb is a truly gifted massage therapist. The atmosphere in her massage room is peaceful and relaxing and she always takes the time to understand your needs in a heartfelt way. She also is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously with lasting relief from chronic pain. I always feel better after a session with Barb! MK

I received one of your rice bags as a Christmas gift. I love it! It really helps my back and the fabric is beautiful and soft. Nice work Barb! MM

I want to thank you for my rice bags! I have the flu and am so achey. Just popped the bag in the microwave and it is so soothing on my sore ribs. It's going to help get me thru this day! LA

I just wanted to tell you how much my husband loves your rice bag. He told me it is the best thing ever, and uses it every day for his knee. We put it in the freezer. JCS