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On the day you were born at the place you were born and at the time you were born, the star placement overhead was unique to that moment. The planets, sun and moon will never occupy the same exact location ever again. 

You were born for a reason.  

Astrology is simply a tool. It identifies the challenges you are here to face in this experience, yet also reveals your individual gifts and how best to share them with those around you. Astrology can also alert you to storm warnings that may be on the horizon, or periods where certain actions may be advantageous.

Astrology is not fortune telling. Your life is not fated. You will, however, receive information that allows you to make choices determining how you would like to move forward. This in and of itself becomes personal accountability; no longer can you claim you "didn't know," nor can you use "well, Saturn squares my Sun, so I'm not responsible for my actions" as an excuse. The idea is to use the insight gained from a reading to magnify your talents and move forward with greater grace.

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